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skylab never died

you cheat your out!

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for you that might not have been around to know what skylab is:
skylab is where you can sell trade any of your misc. items (records, cds, clothing, ect) you can do a bidding war, or sell at a selected price. there will be rules.

skylabcomm is basically the same deal as skylabcommerce. hopefully we wont have some of the same problems as they did or it will be taken like last time.

1.BE HONEST- if you decide you will rip someone off for whatever reason you will be banned from this community and actions will be taken as needed. let be cool and this might be a cool thing.
2.SELLING/BIDDING/TRADING- do it how ever you wish just be honest.
-if youre going to sell something make sure you have things in order with the buyer, nothing complicated.
-if you wish to bid however; you have 5 days before the bidding will stop and the rest is up to the buyer/seller(please no excese bidding, serious bidders only. false bidders will be banned.)
-trading is all up to the two people that are willing to make the deal. again any flakes ect will be banned
3.BE FAIR- if shipping or however you make your deal, just make sure to have a fair price. example: if shipping cost you 2.00 dont charge 4.50.

as of now those are the rules, im sure the more assholes that come in and try to do what they do best, more rules will be added.